On why it’s important to make cycling look normal and appealing.

Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling

Model #wheeledpedestrian Model #wheeledpedestrian

Since my young German friend said that he felt safer riding a bicycle in Hamburg compared to Auckland, I have quizzed him to find out what he actually meant. He described how riding a bicycle in Hamburg just feels more normal than it does here in Auckland. I have made the assumption that by ‘normal’, he means; lots of people (young, old, male, female) on sit-up, comfortable bicycles in their daily attire, travelling short distances. Thanks to the internet, examples of what a city full of normal cycling looks and operates like, are readily available for us to observe. The reasons for aspiring to this kind of city are also abundantly clear.

So how do we get our city to become a city where cycling riding a bicycle is normal; that it can also be just an extension of walking? How do we make this slow…

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