Recipe: Breakfast blend to get you bouncing

We all know you shouldn’t skip breakfast–especially when you cycle! But breakfast can be boring. What to do? You could buy “healthy” store bought options….wrapped in plastic, containing preservative number 4,982,679…etc. Or, you could experiment making your very own museli mix using ingredients tracked down on your two wheels. Some grocers have a self-serve fruit,  nut and grain dispensary. We use washable re-usable Onya bags (great for the farmers markets) and mix and match to our heart’s content.

Here’s a mix that Angela prepared today:


100g (handful) linseeds
100g pepitas
100g dried banana chips
100g dried apple
40g coconut (dessicated)
100g hazelnut (chopped, bashed or whizzed in your food processor)
100g armonds (chopped, bashed or whizzed)
500g rolled oats
100g bran
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (optional)


Mix all ingredients except for fruit, lay out on two trays, place into fan-forced oven pre-heated to 180 degrees, toast until golden (check and stir regularly–should take around 30 min). Allow mixture to cool, then add dried fruit. Transfer to air-tight container. It should last for a couple of months.

Best served

Chop open an orange and squeeze the juice onto the museli; serve with a dollop of yoghurt. For extra fun and fibre, grate in an apple or other seasonal fruit and a spoonful of honey.

Remember, be a flavour crusader and throw into the mix whatever you want!

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