Brogues, blazers, bracers: Newcastle Vintage Tweed Ride 2015

I say, how sporting old chap.

By Angela & Tom

I’m almost certain that’s what curious onlookers were thinking as we rode through Newcastle, all dapper in tweed. How envious they must have been of our argyle printed knee-high socks, our trendy twill, and our fetching flatcaps. How ready they were, to mount that authentic English Brooks saddle.

OK, maybe not. In fact, many were probably thinking wow, check out these high-end hipsters. But you know what? I’m down with that. The Newcastle Vintage Tweed Ride is to us a great example of keeping Newcastle weird and quirky (you know, like #keepportlandweird? That all-encompassing unofficial motto of Portland, Oregon, that “promotes individuality, expressionism, local art, as well as atypical lifestyle choices and leisure activities”… just like the ridiculously hilarious show Portlandia. #keepnewyweird anyone?).

So anyway, it was a great event – thanks to Vicki Coughlan for organising. The local rag sent a photographer along, who took some great photos. Blogger The Curious Novocastrian also took some excellent shots, check them out. I took a couple of short videos, below.

Ange was lucky enough to win best dressed lady, hoorah! The prize? A voucher for Metro Cycles in town, yessss!

So, would you like to know about our sporting outfits? With most of the clothing already in our wardrobes, all we needed were some blazers from the op-shop and a stylist to put it all together (Angela!) to give it that tweed touch.

  • Hats from David Jones
  • Blazers from Red Cross Shop, The Junction
  • Man gloves from Strand Hatters, Sydney
  • Vintage Lady gloves from Mum
  • Man vest, pants and Lady pants from Sportscraft
  • Lady boots from Wittner
  • Man shoes from some shop in Salzburg

Photo by Newcastle Herald

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