Saturday morning #quaxing

Some time ago #quaxing became a thing. At least, it became a new word to describe a not so new thing people do everyday – travel to and from shops by alternative means to the car. This is what quaxing looks like for us when we cannot get to the farmers markets:

$170 worth of groceries – enough for us to last a week. Plus some classic looks from bemused drivers.

How is your quaxing going these days?

4 thoughts on “Saturday morning #quaxing

      1. We’ve been in a smallish Coles (in Carlton) before and gone out the self-serve isle. What are they going to say? We take them in folded. If they try to say anything I’m going to insist that every person with a pram or their own wheeled shopping basket is excluded. Fortunately common sense has prevailed thus far and no one has said anything (negative). 🙂

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