How is it a thing… ?

We often go on about #quaxing and how more people should be doing it. (For those not acquainted with the term, it means shopping by any means other than the car.)

Yesterday evening we realised we were missing a couple of essential ingredients for dinner. To remedy the situation we did what we always do: jump on our bikes, headed to the local store. Or in this instance, we both jumped on the one bike courtesy of a new back rack saddle seat I installed a few weeks back. Still, the principle is the same – we did not travel, by car, ONE kilometre (that’s 1,000 metres people!!!!!).

Whilst locking up the bike it occurred to me how really very ridiculous it is that we, as a society, find it acceptable that it is the norm to drive that distance, or slightly more, to pick up a few items from the store. Sure, some people have passable excuses. In the end though I think it comes down to how we value time, health… and money I suppose (people seem to find it easy to justify spending a sh**load of money on owning more than one car, or even one car–the American Auto Association reckons it costs over US$10,000 each year to run a large sedan or 4WD in terms of running costs, depreciation, etc.).

As I watched the massive 4WDs, utes and SUVs roll into the shopping car park–a monumental tribute to the car itself–I contemplated a new meme to share my frustrations. I couldn’t decide on which was more appropriate, so created two.

I’m sure you can think or more. To aid the cause, the original photo is included below. Simply download the original image and google ‘free meme generator’ or download a meme generator app on your phone, upload it to the generator and whack in your preferred text.

Enjoy. Share. Quax.




3 thoughts on “How is it a thing… ?

  1. I can better that. On holidays we’ve observed people driving from their cabins to the restaurant a whole 500m – or less!
    Ok, so in winter it can be cold. It wasn’t raining, or snowing, or windy. People are just bloody lazy.
    ‘Oh, there’s the car. We can take that. Walking/riding is SUCH a huge effort and I really enjoy indigestion in the middle of the night.’
    The sad thing is they probably don’t even think about NOT taking the car.

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      1. That’s it; habit without thought.
        For many people, even people who rode bikes as kids or young adults, they don’t even consider riding as a viable means of transport as an adult probably because they’ve never tried it. Sure they can come up with heaps of reasons why it won’t work for them, but old habits die hard.
        I would LOVE to get pollies to cycle to work for a two week block each quarter. No excuses. There’s a bike for everyone. That way they might get a fresh perspective on bike lanes and bicycle riding in general.
        Dreaming, I know.

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