Next #newynightride! Coal & Quesaadillas, one year on

It was the year Australians spent joking about Trump becoming President of the USA, the year of fallen heroes like Bowie, Prince and Carrie Fisher, it was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, it was the year of so many things….

For Novocastrians it was also the year of the inaugural #newynightrides. Who could forget that disco on wheels pumping 1970s electric beats?

So… here we are again, a year later to the day. Join us for the next big event as we light up the Foreshore with our brilliant LED creations. 

We’ll circumnavigate Throsby Creek then head to the “Portside secret” for a view back to the City and finish up at Antojitos for those who want some food and drink. 

Map of the ride will be up soon – plus some info on the turning circle limits to get through the iron passage to the public Portside land. 

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